May 6, 2020

SHI 5.6.20 – The Data Has Spoken

When our governor locked down California on March 19, asking millions of citizens to stay home, he did so out of an abundance of caution.  At […]
April 29, 2020

SHI 4.29.20 – What’s Wrong with This Picture?

No, not the picture above …. the one below: Correct.  The first estimate of 2020 Q1 GDP ‘growth’ is … well, not growth.  It’s the opposite […]
April 22, 2020

SHI 4.22.20 – Bailouts

Great question, right?   Of course, there is no right answer.   Because any answer you or I might offer up is merely an opinion.  Our own opinion.  […]
April 15, 2020

SHI 4.15.20 – FOMO and LOCO in the Great Lockdown

Are stock traders going LOCO, like the rest of us, staring at 4 walls and 24/7 bad news on CNN?   Is FOMO driving the market surge?   […]